CLEARINAUSTIN is part of NORMSNERDS and provide CLEAR's services as an Authorized Retailer for CLEAR

CLEAR has built a brand new 4G WiMAX network that covers entire cities with a super fast mobile internet. So you can stream movies, TV, play online games and video chat on the go, at speeds as fast as home. Try doing that with the internet from the cell phone companies.

•CLEAR is powered by WiMAX, the next generation of mobile internet that travels in miles not feet

•CLEAR covers miles not feet

•Service for home, around town or both

•Flexible plans by the day or by the month

•Devices for mobile or at home use

•There’s no drilling, digging or waiting for installation

Packages available in Austin include

  • Pick One which provides Internet service for one Mobile (USB) or one Home (Modem size)  units which provide 4G connection speeds within the service area's
  • Pick Two which provides Internet service for one Mobile (USB) and one Home (Modem size) units OR two Mobile (USB) which provide 4G connection speeds within the service area's

Initial Service areas will be the core districts of Austin from San Marcos to Georgetown. As new towers are added to the network coverage will be available in more area. To insure your service experience expectations are meet CLEAR will only provide service to customers who have a home or business address that is verified to be in the coverage area using an address look up program to verify address is in current coverage area.


Map below is showing PC Card On-Street 90%, level coverage. Green” represents the coverage as of April 30,  Yellow” represents the coverage added this week.

CLEAR Software and Drivers

Important Message for Windows 7 Users

After downloading the latest CLEAR Connection Manager to your PC you must take the following steps prior to installation:

  1. Disconnect from the Internet
  2. Remove the CLEAR USB Modem from your PC
  3. Proceed with the installation of the new Connection Manager
Click Here to Down Load ClearCM_v1.05.0019.exe



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