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With the addition of CLEAR products we can provide you with 4G WIMAX Internet Service for both your Mobile and Home service. The Pick one (Mobile or Home) and Pick two (2 Mobile or 1 home and 1 Mobile) services have uncapped bandwidth plans.

NormsNerds provide on site Servicing of PC's and electronic devices in Austin area. Internet    Support is available in US and CANADA

PC installation, Networking, Memory upgrades, Hardware & Software Installation, PC Training, DATA Recovery and System Restoration and Problem removal (Spyware, Virus, Adware).

When Necessary Passwords for XP & VISTA PC can be reset when lost or not supplied to PC Owner. License keys for legally installed Software can often be found if lost and needed for repairs or upgrades. Some Software installations like Microsoft's System Builder versions of XP & Vista are not licensed for upgrades which makes recovery from some situations more difficult.

We can also set up your Digital Picture Frames, WEB Cams, VOIP Telephones (VONAGE, MagicJack, etc). 

On Site Service

Internet Support

Phone Support for established customers


If you need more Memory (Best way to speed up a PC) Click on the link below If you are running XP with 256MB or even 512MB of Memory increasing to 1GB or more will increase your PC speed because it will need to use your Hard Drive (slower access than RAM) less often while running your programs. This link is simply to access your requirements there are many sources of Memory available including local sources.



The following information is provided only to show what information your PC provides to WEB sites that you visit and as a way to determine your IP address which can be useful when setting up applications such as network camera's. I do not control the characters that appear in this information or the messages (they are provided by a third party).


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